Wednesday, 11 January 2012

A good software application should resemble the properties of a cat

If at all, a software application should be designed to resemble the characteristics of any animal, it should be designed to resemble the character tics of a cat.

Learning to handle a cat requires a very low learning curve as against the learning curve or experience required to herd, bathe and milk buffaloes. Handling a cat does not require any training unlike say handling a horse. Taking care of a cat does not need much expertise; rather the cat takes care of itself.

You do not need to make special provision for food for a cat unlike for a dog; it eats whatever you offer it and hunts for the rest.

A cat has a small footprint and is not resource intensive. It easily fits into your house and environment. You do not have to build a shed, kennel, cage or a stable for it.

If folks in a village home are going to be away for a while, they would need someone from the neighborhood to take care of other animals. But, they do not have to make any contingency planning for their cat.

 A cat does not get injured when it jumps from high places. Even when thrown upside down, it lands nimbly and gracefully on its feet. Similarly, a software application must be able to handle exceptional conditions with grace.

A cat does not appear imposing or intimidating; rather it looks quite friendly and makes one comfortable. Folks feel like petting it. Similarly, a good piece of software must not intimidate users but make them feel comfortable.

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