Saturday, 21 January 2012

Poetry on Cricket

Play cricket
Take wicket

Bowl a good leg cutter
So that you pass through batting like knife through butter.

Get Batsmen bowled
Get trophies of gold

Get the bat's outside edge
Get coverage on the from page

Keep batsmen under pressure.
Do not give them liberty or leisure.

Maintain a good line.
And your bowling will be fine.

Maintain a good length.
Go from strength to strength.

While battin
Keep the fielders waiting.

Send the fielders on a hunt for leather.
Add to your cap many a feather.

You should be able to bat well on grass.
To prove your class.

To counter spin, play the sweep
Aggregate runs in a heap

Do good placing
Keep the fielders racing

For your victory strive
Hit a cover drive

Push the ball to fineleg
Increase the speed of your leg

Be good at facing pace
If you want to win the race.

But you also have to be good at facing spin.
If you want to win

Your bat with care must you shove
Because the keeper is waiting with his glove

Your bats are like magic wands
To bring ovation in the stands .

And joy in your lands.

You are your country's cream.
On your shoulders rest a thousand dream

Take runs
Threes, Twos and ones.

Hit four
Make the stadium roar

Hit six
Get your victory fix.

Score a century
But not in a hurry
Else your teammates will have to worry
As they have a score to carry

Don't let the ball out of your hands.
That will disappoint the fans in your lands.

Field at mid off or mid on
But see that the pressure on the batsmen is on.

Field at cover
Or at point
But cover your ground well if you want to make a point.

Take a diving catch,
to win a match

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